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Location: 3206 Astoria Boulevard, Astoria, NY 11102

Saving Seniors’ Sight

Making her morning coffee was painful for 70-year-old Mrs. Cowel.* Diabetic retinopathy made it nearly impossible for her to distinguish the contrast between the color of the coffee and the color of her dark mug. Because she couldn’t determine when to stop pouring, she frequently spilled the hot liquid and burned her fingers. But giving […]

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Astoria Characters: The Nurse the Doctor Ordered

At the end of the corridor, there’s a wall of glass tile that looks like the sparkling waters of a stream struck by sun. It leads to a waiting room of charcoal-colored chairs and bouquets of fresh flowers arranged in vases. In this serene space stands¬†Alma Mesquita, a tower of tranquillity. Stethoscope slung over her […]

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